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Lauralee Sorensen Hart

What started as an afternoon painting class in 2019 with my husband, became an unexpected obsession and fascination with watercolor.  I purchased supplies, books, watched videos and transformed our new addition into a studio.  I don’t have a fine art background and hadn’t painted since college when I did a few oil paintings with an roommate that was an artist.  To say I was hooked, would be an understatement.  I’m still stretching my skills and love to paint all of the beauty around us and scenes from our many vacations.  I am mostly self-taught and have recently been studying with Alan Mauer. 


My husband and I have lived in Lexington full time since 2015.  We’ve had a home and friends here since 2005.  We left DC behind and have immersed ourselves in this vibrant and beautiful community. 

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