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Nelson Gallery Presents

Intro to Caricature

a 3-hour class

for beginning students with

Josh Ronnenberg

When: Sunday, May 21, 2023 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Where:  The Nelson Gallery

Email: for more info and to sign-up.

Phone:  540-817-8425 – Wednesday through Saturday, 11-5.

Price:  $90.00 – does NOT include materials

Space is limited to 8.

In this three-hour course, students will learn the fundamentals of caricature and also general portraiture. We will discuss: what is a caricature, how and why caricatures are used in society, and of course how to draw a caricature.


This course not only discusses caricature, but it covers basic fundamentals of portraiture and how to start a portrait in a different way. Students will learn keywords and techniques that will help them draw a better portrait.


Josh will provide a demo on how he personally creates a caricature and briefly explain how others may do it as well.


All participates will receive at-least a black and white portrait. One participant will receive a color portrait done during the demo.


After the demo, students will practice techniques learned in the demo on themselves by creating self-portraits using a mirror (provided).


The last hour will have students partnering up and drawing each other in 5 mins rounds. Each time starting a portrait in a different way that they may not be used to. Like drawing the hair or chin first instead of the eyes or shape of the face.


Participants must feel comfortable being drawn and partnering with others.


Students will receive a professional Caricature Portrait, a goodie bag, handouts on caricatures, and of course portraits done by the attendee during the session.


This class is for beginners and intermediate students who are interested in caricature and/or portraiture.


Here is what required for the class:

-11” by 14” Drawing paper or Bristol board of your choice

-Drawing pencils of your choice


-Fine and Ultra Fine Sharpies

-Chalk pastel of your choice (Make sure you have flesh tones and basic colors.)

-Yourself and a smile


No refunds unless we can fill your reservation.

(Download class description)

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