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Nelson Gallery Art Classes - 2023

Art Class Quick Links

Josh Ronnenberg - July 30

Exhibits Schedule - 2023

January - Closed

February - Closed

March -Keri Gould

April -Kathryn Tucker/Maren Nixon

May - Patrick Hinely

June - Project Horizon - Juneteenth

July - P.J. Morant

August - Jonah Brown

September - SPCA - "Art for Arf"

October - Paint Lexington Plein Air

November - Historic Lexington

December - Alumni Anniversary

Nelson Gallery is looking for new members! Contact us if you are interested. We are looking for high quality artists who produce exciting 2D or 3D work.

We are flexible insofar as arrangements that can be made to provide display space for individual artists.

Josh Ronnenberg

CARICATURE 101: FOR KIDS (ages 8-13)

When: Sunday, July 30, 2023 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm


In this three-hour course, students will learn the fundamentals of caricature and also general portraiture. We will discuss what is a caricature, how and why caricatures are used in society, and of course how to draw one.

This course not only discusses caricature, but it also covers basic fundamentals of portraiture and how to start a portrait in a different way.

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