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Nelson Gallery Presents

Tonal Values

May 15 - Watercolor Workshop with

David Finnell

Old Barn; Old Truck

by Conrad Matiuk

Watercolor Class
David Finnell

This is a three-hour class for advanced beginners and intermediate students. The class will focus on TONAL VALUES.

Tonal value is how light or dark something looks compared to the values around it. A successful painting arranges shapes of contrasting tonal values in interesting ways. You may have heard the old saying, “Color gets the credit, but value does all the work.” Color attracts the eye immediately, yet without well-placed contrasting tonal values, color can’t sing the way it might.

If you have a photo you think would make a good painting, bring it in.

Cost: General Public $90


Hour #1

In the first hour, I will discuss the importance of tonal values and demonstrate them in a one-color (monochromatic) value study of a landscape. A one-color value study is great preparation for painting in color. An artist can plan where his or her lightest lights and darkest darks will go without worrying about color. After the demonstration, students can copy my monochromatic value study or do their own.

Hour #2

In the second hour, I will paint a color version of the same landscape, keeping my value study next to me as a reminder. After this second demonstration, students can do the same scene in color or their own scene. I will walk around and offer constructive comments to individuals.

Hour #3

The third hour is for individual work. If you brought a reference photo with you, now is a good time to use it. I’d like to see each student go through today’s process: select a subject; prepare a tonal value study, first as a pencil sketch and then as a single-color study; and then paint the scene.

If you have any questions before the class, please ask them. You can reach me at DavidFinnellArt@gmail.com.

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